Weingut Čapka
Weingut Čapka


The winery’s product range is divided into four lines. In each of them the customer will find wines of a similar character and can thus choose the right one according to his or her individual taste.


We were born in Podluží and our wines are also born here, because all our vineyards lay in this beautiful part of Slovácko region. It has always been associated with folklore, traditions and wine. And we really enjoy making Moravian wine in a modern and advanced way.

White wines from the Podluží line are light and fresh, with higher aromatics. The red wines in this line stand out for their dominant fruitiness and variety, and are complemented by a light touch of wood at the end.

DU Soleil

This special line is the result of our inspiration with the wines of southern Europe, whose style is close to us.

An elegant dry rosé and a refreshing,slightly sparkling secco are the ideal company both for hot summer days and evenings and for special occasions.


The term “terroir” expresses the joint effect of a number of factors, such as the vineyard´s location, the soil´s composition, the grapevine itself and, last but not least, the approach of the winemaker. We produce the wines in this line in such a way that the uniqueness of the given vineyard track stands out as much as possible.

The result is wines full in aroma and taste, with a beautiful mineral trace.


This is our top line, which includes mainly red wines.

The grapes used for their production come from the best parts of our vineyards and are perfectly ripe thanks to a heavily reduced harvest. After fermentation, the wines are aged for a long time on the skins and then for 24 to 36 months in oak barrels.

The wines in the Otisk line are full and expressive in aroma and taste, with a velvety expression and a long aftertaste.

With this line we want to pay tribute to the previous eight generations of the Čapka family each of whom left an indelible IMPRINT („OTISK“ in Czech) in our family winemaking tradition.

On the label you will find the main five milestones of our family's winemaking history:

1793 - We consider this year to be the very beginning of winemaking in our family, when our ancestor František Čapka purchased the first vineyards from the noble family of Liechtenstein.

1890 - Our family was the first and the only one in Hrušky to obtain the right to officially sell wine.

1932 - At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the dangerous pest, the grapevine midge, spread rapidly throughout Europe, destroying virtually all European vines. Another of our ancestors, Jan Čapka, was actively involved in the restoration of vineyards, and in 1932 he established his own rootstock vineyard - growing new hardy seedlings by grafting them onto the American rootstock Riparia Portalis.

1999 - In this year, the 7th and 8th generations planted our first vineyards in the village of Josefov, on the prestigious Kukvička vineyard line.

2016 - The current direction of our winery is now determined by the ninth generation in the form of the young winemaker Martin Čapka and his wife Kristýna, who took over the family tradition in 2016.