„History of our family winery is more than 200 years long. As its beginning we consider the year 1793, when our ancestor František Čapka bought our first vineyards from the noble family of Lichtenstein. I took the winery over from my father a few years ago which made me already the ninth wine-making generation in a row.

In our family we have always honoured the rule that wine has to be made yet in the vineyard. Therefore we cultivate our vineyards with utmost care and try to always respect and enhance every unique TERROIR. This effort comes back to us in high quality grapes which we consider a must – it would be really hard to make good wine from low quality material.

The tradition and experience of the former generations make us the wine-makers we are today. Despite that we try to keep up with modern processes and technologies. Among other we also look for inspiration and new knowledge abroad – for example during my internship in prominent French wineries in 2011..

I spent the most of my childhood in vineyards and a wine-cellar. As I grew up wine and everything around it has become a permanent part of my life as it has been with all the wine-makers in our family. We will gladly share our story with you – we put it in every single bottle.“


Martin Čapka